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Pet Freedom WI
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PFWI Shirts
PFWI Shirts

Pre assembled chairs!

Our new designed Bailey Chair colapses to a much smaller size for shipping but yet is still pre assembled for your convience. (Ex Large chairs will need base mounted) to keep overall package as small as possible for lowest shipping rates. Smaller size reduces shipping costs by 20%! Our Bailey Chair is classified as portable!

We guarantee within 5 Business days from order date to shipping date on all Bailey Chairs!

*Please Don't forget about our "Dollars for Dogs" donation fund. This purpose of the donation page is to help those who maybe struggling financially so they can receive financial aid to purchase the item or items needed to help their pet. If anyone would like to help out others please visit our Dollars for dogs donation page for info on how to help!

Thank you, Pet Freedom WI


Welcome to Pet Freedom WI

All our Bailey Chairs are pre-assembled and portable for your convenience!!

First off, Pet Freedom WI is not a for profit business! We are a group of animal owner volunteers dedicated to help dogs with health and physical disabilities, specializing in Bailey chairs for dogs with megaesophagus! We are dedicated to provide 3-5 business day turnaround and we have the lowest prices for our products guaranteed. We do this for the sole purpose of improving your pets quality of life and health, not profit! 100% of all our sales go directly back to help those who have pets with serious medical issues.

At Pet Freedom WI e are a group of individuals devoted to improving the lives of animals in any way possible. Our love for animals has no end. We are animal owners, foster's, adopters and oh yes "foster fails"! We decided to do something to help change the costs associated with medical equipment and care for animals suffering with any life long health issues such as paralysis, megaesophagus, arthritis, blind, deaf and having amputations.

We want to change this, more to come! We are always open to suggestions or ideas. Please feel free to drop us your thoughts via Email!

For 501c3 non profit Rescues please contact us for discounted pricing on our products. Were donating up to 3 bailey chairs a month to any Animal  Rescues in need. We will continue to donate 3 bailey chairs per month for families expeireincing finacial hardship to help them and give their dog "It's Best Life"!

100% of all t-shirt sales goes into our "Dollars for Dogs' fund to help those in need receive financial assistance

Thank you for visiting our website!

Ph: 715-690-5484

Email:   Like & Follow us on Facebook @Petfreedomwi - 

Providing Rescues & Animal Owners Pets THEIR BEST LIFE throughout the United States!



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