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Pet Freedom WI
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Pre assembled chairs!

Our new designed Bailey Chair colapses to a much smaller size for shipping but yet is still pre assembled for your convience. (Ex Large chairs will need base mounted) to keep overall package as small as possible for lowest shipping rates. Smaller size reduces shipping costs by 20%! Our Bailey Chair is classified as portable!

 About us 

Let's tell you all something about us. We are individuals devoted to improving the lives of animals in any way possible. Our love for animals has no end. We are animal owners, foster's, adopters and oh yes, "foster fails"! We decided to do something to help change the cost associated with medical care for animals who suffer with any life long health issues such as paralysis, megaesophagus, arthritis and other physical issues or disabilities. 

Sadly many  individuals struggle financially. It's frustrates to see this. We see many animal owners are the first to sacrifice something so that their pet doesn't. We have found ourselve's asking this question so many times, how can we provide more affordable products to individuals? We don't want any animal owner have to make a huge decisions on their pets care or aftercare based on costs. Lets say a animal needs a wheelchair from a accident that's left them paralyzed. If buying that wheelchair becomes a life or death decision for the animal based on the chairs cost there's something wrong! We understand that animals aftercare can get expensive along with long term physical problems. Why should a pet owner have had to make that horrible decision of giving away their pet or sometimes even euthanasia because of cost.


We are using the highest quality products in our designs and will not cut corners in any areas of design, functionality, quality, warranty or customer service. You can be assured we would and will use our products on our own pets! We believe in everything we manufacture and in every aspect of this business. We also offer programs for Rescue's in outfitting the needs of their animals as well. The bottom line here is we will not ignore any animals needs. 

We are completely self operated. We operate every aspect of our operation within. We operate our own website an so much much more! This keeps our product pricing as low as possible. We are not operating for large profit in fact it's minimal. At Pet Freedom WI it's all about saving and helping the animals to restart a new life with love, family and fun!

Regarding our "Phone Payment" procedure. We do phone payments in order to one, verify all information on your orders. Also, phone payments saves us money which in return saves you the buyer money. Having a payment service process your order payments costs us a large monthy fee plus a percentage of every sale amount based on sale dollar amount! So, by illimating that service saves us money and of course then saves you money! Just another way we can keep our products price point as low as possible! We hope you understand our mission.

We are relentless and we want to do everything possible to change the lives of your pet!! Our promise is to make our product line absolutely affordable to all! In saying this we mean lower costs on items across our products line and services!

Thank you for looking into our products!                                                                                                       

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